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Acudetox Certification Fundraising

CAMINANDO LA UTOPÍA is raising at least $2,000 for the trainings to certify 25 working class women from different communities of Comerío as acudetox therapist. This training will take place in the midst of January 2019. To achieve the monetary goal that will pay for each of the twenty five women certifications, the food for everyone involve in this three days training, the interpretation workers and equipment (since the trainer its an english speaker and the trainees are spanish speakers), and the necessary materials to assure at least a month of a healing space, we are calling for your empathy and solidarity.


By contributing to an initiative like this you are promoting to whats much needed in this Caribbean archipelago: healing. We are living times where loving and caring are fundamental for the communities survival. For that reason we raise our voice and ask for the cooperation of anyone that resound with the empathy for the healing justice. Donate now to help us reach our goal!

(787) 685-8574

Meet some of the women 

"Community healing is part of the struggle for Puerto Rico's self determination and social justice."



"I want wellness for my people and for the people all around the globe."


"I believe in healing justice and want to bring wellness to the most vulnerable people"


"Community healing is connecting with oneself and with others."

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